The Prompt Jar: New Beginnings (Oct 15-21 2018 Jvty)

Prompt Jar

Oct 15
What are you launching today? What is being birthed in your life, psyche, consciousness? What is fresh and new?


Oct 16
Taking the first two lines (adapted) from the famous poem The Journey by the incomparable Mary Oliver, write from this prompt:

One day I finally knew
what I had to do, and began….


Oct 17
How do you stay motivated when a project takes longer than you expect? How do you manage delays? What keeps you moving forward?


Oct 18
Write about a time you quit.


Oct 19
Write about a time you didn’t quit.


Oct 20
Write about a Big Vision you’re currently actualizing.


Oct 21
Start with this prompt: If I could create anything at all, I would start with–





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