Prompt Jar: Week of March 12 – Caring for my Body

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Lynn Southard, Journalverse Manager

Lynn Southard, Journalverse Manager

At my last doctor’s appointment three months ago, my blood work came back showing elevated numbers and I was told that I needed to watch that to prevent diabetes. I was also told it was my time to schedule a colonoscopy. This news bothered me so I set it aside for a while and chose not to think about it.  Truth be told, on my recent vacation, I was day drinking Mai Tai’s poolside with zero thoughts about caring for my body.

I’ve recently rallied and now I’m caring for my body. I did get the colonoscopy scheduled for later this spring. I promise not to post pictures but I think I will write with a Sharpie marker a message on my bum to the doctor. (Any ideas on what I should write? Share below in the comment section.)

Last Monday, I started a strict 30-day cleanse that begins with a detox of fruit and veggie smoothies and then on day two, began eating solid food again. When I say strict, I mean no sugar, caffeine, processed foods, or wine. I drink at least two cups of Joe every morning and a glass of red wine almost every night. While I miss those beverages, it’s been fairly easy to give them up and I’m getting positive results with more energy, restful sleep, and a little weight loss. I’m even looking forward to having my blood work done to see if my numbers improved. I believe my success is because I wrote and meditated on self-care every day and these are the prompts I used the first week of my cleanse.

Why do I want to do this strict detox? Why now? What do I hope to change?

I will do something every day that is good for my body and right now, I will make a list of those things.

“Our bodies are the vehicles through which we experience life. Christ taught that the body was the temple of God. A healthy body that functions efficiently is a valuable resource for you; it allows you to do what you want to do.” -Kathleen Adams, Journal to the Self (pg. 110)
What do I want to do in my healthy body?

I started a dialogue with my lower back that had been causing me grief. On the flip side, I had a dialogue with my eyes that allow me to see this beautiful world.

Write out three positive self-loving affirmations. Read them out loud.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” -Lucille Ball
Write about the last time you loved yourself and what you got done.

“Our grand business in life is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but do what lies clearly at hand.” -Thomas Carlyle
This quote reminded me to keep my water bottle close by and drink it empty three times a day.  What lies “clearly at hand” that you can do now for your body?

2 Responses to Prompt Jar: Week of March 12 – Caring for my Body

  1. Carol Roberts July 6, 2017 at 12:17 pm #

    This is good, Lynn. I had not read it when I commented recently that I, too, realized that I needed to care for my body. Yesterday was a big step: I actually jumped in an outdoor pool in San Luis Obispo County where I wear jackets most days–and survived. Not only did I survive, I actually enjoyed the sense of moving my body again and after a few laps, I didn’t mind the cool water. I find doing a lot of celebrating small victories goes a long way.

    • Kay Adams August 7, 2017 at 3:45 pm #

      Celebrating small victories! Enjoying cool water! Sounds like life in SLO continues to unfold with surprise and delight.

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