Prompt Jar: Week of January 23 – Holy Outrage

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How is the human spirit called to respond within this age of shifting paradigms and transformation? Is there a creative invitation within the chaos?

Join us this Thursday, 1/26, at 2 MT, on LIVE! with Kay, as Sibyl Dana Reynolds discusses her passion of providing nurturance for the feminine sacred and illuminative process.

I experience holy outrage when I witness or think about . . .

The possible ways I could choose to share my creative gifts and wisdom in response to holy outrage are . . .

My list of personal creative gifts includes . . .

When I imagine the concept of a Spiritual and Creative Renaissance I feel . . .

Where in my personal life do I recognize the presence of fear, greed or mistrust? How might I offer the antidote of love?

Who in my life today needs to know that he/she is loved? How will I respond?

What form of beauty might I create as an illumination of hope?

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