Prompt Jar: Week of April 3 – Technology

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Lynn Southard, Journalverse manager

Lynn Southard, Journalverse manager

Technology is neither good or bad. However, how we use it can be benevolent or malevolent. At least, that’s what I’m choosing to believe right now. Artificial intelligence may be the game changer in the future. This week, while congress gears up to review net neutrality regulations, let’s think and write about how we use technology.

Monday: Computer ads that pop up are tailored, based on your browser history. Does this annoy you? Or does it make life easier to find things or information that you are looking for?  

Tuesday: Do you think it’s fair/unfair for internet providers to have access (and sell) your online search history?  

Wednesday: Last week, I clocked 9.2 hours listening to books using my free library Overdrive App. I do so driving, doing chores around the house, working out at the gym, and while cross-stitching. How many hours a day do you spend using your smartphone, tablet or computer? Is it for work, leisure or both? Is it time well spent?

Thursday: How many social media accounts do you have? On a fairly regular basis, I use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Are the people you follow online friends and family in your day-to-day life? Or acquaintances? I follow both. What’s the difference between online lurking and stalking?

Friday: April is the month we celebrate poetry. If you knew a computer had written the most beautiful poem you had ever heard, how would you react to that? 

Saturday: I recently graduated from college and used a math website and app to get through those classes. Years ago, I taught myself how to knit by using a web page that had great illustrations. I wouldn’t have succeeded in many of my endeavors without online technology. Do you think access to the internet should be regulated in pricing?  

Sunday: I’ve always loved looking at cookbooks and trying new recipes. In the past few years, that’s changed to food blogs. What are your favorite online activities that improve your life? Are there some you need to let go of?    

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