Prompt Jar: Thanksgiving

Hi! I'm Melissa Benjamin, Journalverse manager

Hi! I’m Melissa Benjamin, Journalverse manager


Thanksgiving is my personal Olympics. In another life I would be a professional chef, but in this one I’m just a girl who–almost entirely on her own–cooks elaborate dishes for sixteen people. If you’d like to see how deep this insanity goes, here’s last year’s extensive menu and recipe guide.

Monday: Recall your warmest, loveliest, Thanksgiving in your journal.

Tuesday: Write a letter to the person whom you’ve been most grateful for this year. Feel free to pass it on or keep it to yourself.

Wednesday: On Thanksgiving’s Eve, it’s imperative to make a gratitude list. Go…!

Thursday: In my family, when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner we all go around the table and say what we are most thankful for. Assuming yours does the same, jot down in your journal the spoken items that stuck out to you the most and reflect on how your loved ones face their own gratitude.

Friday: I’m still thinking about the [insert most delicious dish] from last night…

Saturday: What changes, either in your life or in the world, do you want to see by this time next year?

 Sunday: What do you want to take with you from this Thanksgiving and bring with you into the upcoming holiday season?


Norman Rockwell- Freedom from Want (1943)

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