Prompt Jar: Synchronicity

James W. Pennebaker

See Kay’s Journal (blog) for the inspiration for this Prompt Jar, and join us for her LIVE! With Kay conversation on Thursday, June 7  at 1PT, 2MT, 3CT, 4ET. Guest is Dr. James Pennebaker and the conversation will be centered around how we can extend the findings from the current research into the practice of writing group facilitation, including how we might design a standardized assessment model so we can start collecting data on outcomes. But first, there was synchronicity!

Write a six-word definition–synchronicity. (See what I did just now?)

Make a list of times you experienced synchronicity. Choose one and write it as a Captured Moment. If you can’t think of anything, make up a list and then choose one and make up a Captured Moment.

Bring to mind a situation in your current life. Imagine that the perfect synchronicity brings something wonderful to the situation. Write that scene.

Write about a time when you were thinking about someone and they showed up in some unanticipated way. If you can’t think of a real experience, write a fictional scene.

Write about a time you encountered a stranger who offered you something (tangible or intangible) you didn’t know you wanted or needed. If you can’t think of a real experience, write a fictional scene.

I once wrote an impassioned letter that should have been UNSENT to someone and mailed it before I could change my mind. Instantly I regretted it but the post office was closed and I could not rouse anyone to retrieve it for me. For days I sat tensely, waiting for a response — or, worse, no response. Two weeks later I received the envelope in a zip-lock baggie. The entire front of the envelope, except for my return address, had been sheared off, leaving the untouched letter dangling inside. The zip-lock baggie was stamped “DAMAGED IN PROCESSING.” Write about a time when something completely out of the ordinary happened, for which there was absolutely no explanation. If you can’t think of one, make it up.

One aspect of synchronicity is that it can’t be planned. Another aspect is that when you are receptive to synchronicity, it will become clear that it happens more often than we think. Write about any synchronicities you’ve noticed since you’ve been tuned in this week.

2 Responses to Prompt Jar: Synchronicity

  1. Carol Roberts June 19, 2018 at 3:12 pm #

    I actually had this “unsent letter” thing happen to me, too. I had sent a letter of best wishes for an event that I learned after I mailed the letter, was not to be. It made me sick to realize how much pain that letter could cause. Mine, too, came back with some strange message. Maybe we should call these “Angels in the Post Office” stories.

    • Kay Adams June 22, 2018 at 7:35 am #

      Carol, angels in the post office seems to say it all! Strange and wonderful….

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