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Published on 10/14/2016

In 2005, Frank Warren started an experiment by distributing postcards asking people to anonymously share their secrets with him. His experiment grew into a popular blog website called PostSecret. Every Sunday selected secrets that have been mailed anonymously to Warren on a homemade postcard are displayed on the website. Warren has also created best-selling collections-of-secrets books, an app, art museum exhibits and a play that brings life to the unnoticed voices who mail in their secrets. In his TED talk, Warren says secrets can be shocking, silly and soulful. It’s no secret in the Journalverse community; keeping a journal means we have a non-judgmental and reliable place to spill our secrets.

If you write a secret that feels dangerous or makes you uncomfortable, you can rip out that page and shred it or make a collage/other art over it. It’s always your choice to share or keep your secret a secret.

Write about a time you felt better after sharing a secret.

Tell your journal a silly secret.

Tell your journal a shocking secret.

Tell your journal a soulful secret.

Read some of your past journal entries from the last few months. Does something need to be explored? What secrets are your past journal entries trying to tell you?

Go to the PostSecret website. Find a published secret that “pings” you and use it as a springboard to tell a story of your own. Keep the story short and concise. Remember Pennebaker’s “flip-out” rule: If your writing is making you flip out, stop writing.

At the writing of this prompt jar post, the PostSecret website visitor count was at 768,091,315. What does this suggest to you about secret-keeping and secret-telling? Is there a resolution you would like to make about your own truth-telling in your journal?


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