Prompt Jar: Planning Your Success

Kay Adams

Join Judith Gerberg for her LIVE! With Kay chat on Wednesday, March 7 at 9PT, 10MT, 11CT, 12ET. Topic: Tips from an Expressive Arts Career Counselor!

I’m so looking forward to our talk with Judith Gerberg on Wednesday. I met Judith at the New York Expressive Therapies Summit last fall. She attended a workshop I facilitated, and when we chatted before the session started it was immediately clear that she was someone I wanted in the Journalverse network. In alignment with her talk, here are some tips I’ve gathered over the years when I’m embarking on a new focus for my business. (If you’re not interested in creating or expanding your own business, choose a goal that fits for your life and adapt the prompts.)

Write for 15 minutes on the topic, My ideal business (or practice)….. Get as specific as you can about the vision you have for yourself. If you already have a business, think about whatever represents your next step — growth, revenue, new product, new classes, new marketing strategy, etc.

The coaching field uses the concept of the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Read over your vision for your ideal business. Is it big, hairy, audacious enough? What might you add that seems like a huuuge stretch? (For instance: When I started out, was it ever in my mind that I would have a small publishing company? An entire school, much less an on-line one, when the internet as we know it was nowhere near the planet at the time?)

Review your goal. Isolate all the qualities, conditions, pieces that already exist and are available to you, no matter how minimalist.

Now isolate all the qualities, conditions, pieces that don’t yet exist as it relates to your vision. What’s missing? What needs to be put into place?

Working with the qualities, etc. that are available to you, what will be the easiest thing to strengthen or advance? What is a step you can take in the direction of that advancement? When you can you take that step?

Working now with the qualities, etc. that are not available to you, which one needs to be in place first? What is a step you can take in that direction? When can you take that step?

Date your page one month from today. What progress toward your goal have you made in this month? Is there something you learned from Judith’s talk that you were able to put into place?

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