Prompt Jar: Changes

Kay Adams, Journalverse founder

In alignment with this Wednesday’s Town Hall on the transition from Journalverse to Journalversity, let’s think about our patterns, challenges and successes with change.

Monday: What is your relationship with change, overall? Do you embrace it, avoid it, lean into it?

Tuesday: Even positive change is stressful. What are your vulnerabilities when you are in the middle of change? Are there things you need to be particularly mindful of for your own self-care?

Wednesday: Think about a current or upcoming change. Now bring to mind a change you successfully made in the past. Write the story of the past change. When you’re done read it over. Reflect on any actions, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors that might serve the change you’re currently experiencing or anticipating.

Thursday: Some changes are particularly hard because of emotional attachment, its impact on others, etc. How do you handle the challenges of change?

Friday: What is a change that you would welcome into your life right now? Write a list of ways that change could come about. These don’t have to be logical or reasonable. Activate your imagination!

Saturday: Go back to that change from Wednesday–the one  you’re making now or soon. What’s fun about this change? What part of it do you genuinely enjoy?

 Sunday: Write a Perspectives entry about your current or upcoming change that is dated some point in the future — three months, six months, a year. Jump time and write in the present tense about how things are going now. Try to move expectations out of the way and simply let yourself tell a story about what’s different, what’s the same, how outcomes are progressing, etc.


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