Poem of the Day, April 13: Wander, Sibyl Dana Reynolds

Radiantly illustrated by Pulitzer Prize winning graphic artist Karen Blessen,  Be An Angel defines our divine guardians’ personalities and missions and provides a wealth of tips on how to be an angel here on earth. The book includes nineteen angels, including the Angels of Nature, Children, the Traveler, Friends.

I am scheduling this poem for Friday, April 13, the day I am traveling to Montreal. May Wander be with me!

Sibyl Dana Reynolds was born in 1947 in the Midwest. A spiritual pilgrim, she has traveled through Europe seeking ancient places rich with sacred meaning. Sibyl’s first novel, Ink and Honey, was inspired by her fascination with medieval women visionaries and ancient feminine wisdom, monastic practices, and historic cathedrals.For twenty plus years her work as a spiritual director/creative mentor and retreat facilitator for the feminine spiritual/creative process has provided practices to inspire and nourish spiritual and creative transformation. She is the founder of The Sisterhood of Belle Coeur, a contemporary, contemplative and creative community.


Wander accompanies the traveler on his journeys. His garment is wrinkle resistant.  He travels light. Wings with great strength carry him long distances. His halo is bright, to provide a beacon to those who need help finding their way. Protection and assistance are the chief responsibilities of this angel.

Wander gives the traveler a sudden boost of energy to catch nearly missed planes and trains. He whispers a reminder to collect all belongings when checking out of hotel rooms. This tireless angel arranges chance meetings that become love affairs and lifelong friendships.

Safekeeping is foremost in Wander’s mind. He snatches the traveler from curbs to save him from the oncoming traffic. Wander whispers gently to the sleeping vacationing sunbather to awake before the sunlight can do its damage. And he rides next to the white-knuckled flyer and provides reassurance during takeoff.

Wander, the angel of the traveler, wanders the world with purpose and resourcefulness. You’ll recognize him in human form the next time you’re traveling and looking for directions and someone says, “You look lost, may I help you find your way?”

-Sibyl Dana Reynolds

(c) in the name of the poet or assigns. Used for educational purposes and for the promotion of the poet and personal growth of the reader.

Journal Prompt:

Each chapter concludes with a list of ways you can “be an angel” to others. “Wander” includes this tip: Be an angel to the traveler: When a guest comes to stay in your home, provide some special touches in their room: stationary, fresh flowers, music, a tiny “welcome” gift. Create a home away from home. Write a list of ways you can be an angel to the traveler.

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