Poem of the Day, April 15: Tell Me More (Part I), Carolyn Jennings

Hunger Speaks: a memoir told in poetry is the story of reclaiming a life from an eating disorder. The poems are a series of doors opened, first to see and speak secrets, hidden and repressed, silenced under the eating compulsions—and then through the spiral journey into new ways to live. Hunger Speaks tells the process of recovery. This poem is the first in a three-part series specifically about the gift of listening from a compassionate therapist.

Carolyn Jennings, a member of the Center for Journal Therapy local community, gratefully celebrates more than twenty years of side-by-side recovery and writing. She has built a practice of expressing what would otherwise be blurred into silence. She resides in Colorado with her sweet husband, trunks of filled journals, and one bright shelf of books with blank pages.

Tell Me More, I

I want to hear more,
she says,
not less.

We wrangle appointments
into slots around
obstacles of two
calendars, and stretch
my checkbook’s limits. She says,
I want to hear

more, not less
The words of her invitation

hang in the air: strange
glittering droplets
in a winter fog, dazzling mobile
new to my eyes
and just beyond my grasp.

Her request forces my need over the steep dyke
built and maintained at great cost,
flooding me with longing
overflowing the weekly
45-minute buckets
of listening.

-Carolyn Jennings

(c)in the name of the poet or assigns. Used for educational purposes and for the promotion of the poet and personal growth of the reader.

Journal Prompt:

Write about a time you were able to tell a secret or a difficult story to a compassionate listener.

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