Poem of the Day: April 3: The Notebook, Shirley Glubka

Green Surprise of Passion is a collection of prose and poetry based on the author’s experience as a psychotherapist working with survivors of child abuse, including those who developed dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder) as a way of coping with unbearable realities.

Shirley Glubka was born in Washington, D.C. in 1942. She grew up in Minnesota and now lives in Maine. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from The Fielding Institute and a Masters Degree in English from the University of Maine. She has a private practice as a Clinical Counselor. A member of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation, she was co-founder, with Virginia Holmes, Ph. D and Carol Romeo Veits, L.C.S.W., of the Bangor Area Forum for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation. Green Surprise of Passion is her first book. (Source: Green Surprise of Passion author and content notes.)

The Notebook

She dropped it on my ink-stained, refinished,
captain’s desk.
(The top lifts up like gradeschool memories.
Bookshelves are built in.)

It was a well-used spiral notebook,
its cover red and creased,
its full pages fat.
“Read the last bit,” she said.
“I didn’t write that.”

I bent and read the notebook’s long last paragraph.
A saucy, taunting (furious) second self
rumbled loud against the flattened page,
language pumping up like women at the Y
sweating on their backs and building muscles.

The full moon kept me company all night.

Morning brought me coffee, hot and dark.
Until then I had only known the single self.
I pondered cups lined up along my open kitchen shelf.
Cups can contain. Have brims.

Dark clouds in the distance
I noted as I drove to work.

-Shirley Glubka

(c) in the name of the poet or assigns. Used for educational purposes and for the promotion of the poet and personal growth of the reader.

Journal Prompt:

  • Write about a time you had an unsettling surprise in  your journal. If you can’t think of such a time, write a fictional piece about someone who found an unsettling surprise in a journal.
  • Write anything that bubbles up in you from reading this poem. If it’s emotionally difficult, set the timer for 10 minutes. Take a break, read what you’ve written, and decide if you want to continue. If so, set the timer for another 10 minutes. Repeat.


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