Poem of the Day, April 21: A New Day, Louise Mathewson

A Life Interrupted: Living with Brain Injury is a collection of poems chronicling Louise Mathewson’s recovery from traumatic brain injury, along with a list of journal therapy writing prompts and other resources she found helpful in transcending trauma.

Louise holds a master’s degree in pastoral studies from Loyola University in Chicago. She has always loved to write about the sacred moments in everyday experiences, but today these experiences hold even deeper meaning. Following a car accident in which she was in a two-week coma from brain injury, she experienced angels speaking to her and emerged writing poetry.

Louise lives in Sarasota, FL with her husband. She is a certified instructor of Journal to the Self and an active member of the Center for Journal Therapy community, including being an active member of the Journalverse.

A New Day

It’s a brand new day,
just woke
from a coma,
been gone
so long,
knocked out-
side myself,
how to get back:
the task
before me.

I am
from her vessel.
I yearn to come back
all the way
to my toes,
set them upon
this hallowed ground.

Every day
I get to try
to come back.
My purpose now
to come home,
to knit
the pieces of my soul

My skin
can’t feel,
those feet, ah
they run clumsily
without me inside of them.
What do my feet attach to?
Where is the ground?

-Louise Mathewson

(c) in the name of the poet or assigns. Used for educational purposes and for the promotion of the poet and personal growth of the reader.

Journal Prompt:

  • Write about a time that changed you forever.
  • Write about a spiritual experience.
  • Start a write, “My purpose now….”



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