Poem of the Day, April 25: A Dozen Reasons to Give Up Haggling over the Price of Weavings, Roseann Lloyd

Because of the Light is by my poet-friend Roseann Lloyd, who I met through her wonderful book co-authored with Richard Solly, JourneyNotes: Writing for Recovery and Spiritual Growth. In this collection, Roseann enters the lives of people on several continents, then creates poems that balance and juxtapose northern and southern light; lyric joy and reports of injustice; myths and stories, told to her by people she met on her travels. In poetic forms from western and eastern traditions—such as the ghazal and the prose poem—she writes of love, poverty, beauty, work, children, war, the life of the body and the spirit.

Roseann Lloyd received a Bush Foundation Fellowship in 1999 and the Minnesota Book Award for Poetry in 1997 (War Baby Express, Holy Cow! Press). She has published one other poetry collection, a translated novel (Seal Press) and co-edited Looking for Home (Milkweed Editions). She currently teaches at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN.

A Dozen Reasons to Give Up Haggling over the Price of Weavings

1 for the weaver herself who takes the bus to market at 4 am
1.5 for the buck and a half she brings home each day
2 for the discount rate para dos she offers too readily
3 for the 3 languages she speaks, working on the 4th
4 for her babies born after the war

one for the cousin killed in the highlands
one for the uncle in Minnesota
two for the brother and sister hiding in Mexico

5 for the age she started to weave
6 for her favorite colors: canario, rojo, verde, morado, indigo y cafe
7 for the quetzal/dollar exchange
8 for the animals who dance in her cloth:

cat, quetzal, monarch, hummingbird, deer
squirrel eating chamomile, chick and dove

9 for the tortillas in her apron pocket
10 for ten fingers she says she’s lucky to have
11 for the family she has to feed
12 for the men, the dozens of unmarked graves

-Roseann Lloyd

(c)in the name of the poet or assigns. Used for educational purposes and for the promotion of the poet and enjoyment of the reader.

Journal Prompt:

Write a list poem called “A Dozen Reasons to —-” (fill in your own blank).


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