Member Spotlight: Nathan Ohren’s JournalTalk Up for Best-of-Web!

SpotlightOur Journalverse member Nathan Ohren, of Write4Life and the JournalTalk podcast (on which several Journalverse members, such as Barbara Stahura, Ruth Folit and Joan Leof, have already been featured, and I’m upcoming) has been nominated for a Best-of-the-Web award! Congratulations, Nathan!

And he needs your votes today through Nov 15. Let’s mobilize and get JournalTalk in first place! Here’s Nathan, guest-blogging with his story:



Let's vote Nathan Ohren's JournalTalk Podcast as Best of the Web!

Let’s vote Nathan Ohren’s JournalTalk Podcast as Best of the Web!

From Nathan Ohren: I am blown away and so excited to announce that JournalTalk has been nominated for Best Podcast in the Health/Fitness Category for the 9th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Out of (probably hundreds of thousands of) all submissions, JournalTalk made the “top ten” list!

Please click this link to vote now:  This nomination is a huge win for our field, and I want to give special recognition to the guest experts, listeners, and all who have contributed in many ways to making it happen. The fact that a podcast about the therapeutic benefits of writing has been nominated in the Health/Fitness category speaks volumes to our progress in raising awareness of the benefits of journaling.

You can cast your vote each day from November 1st through the 15th. (So there’s only 15 chances to vote.)  Winners will be announced January 5, 2014 at a special ceremony in Las Vegas.  Want to join me there?

If you’re not familiar with JournalTalk, it’s a podcast in which I interview experts on the practice of journaling. We talk about how they got started and some favorite tips and techniques they use. Each episode of the podcast reveals more reasons that journaling is an important part of our mental, emotional, and yes — physical health.  And it creates a community of people who share the passion for self-awareness and personal growth.

Every vote counts. And this is a vote for our practice, and a vote for self-care!  Please click this link to vote for us now:

  1. Scroll to the Health/Fitness category (it’s in the left column, 7th one down)
  2. Click in the bubble next to “JournalTalk” (and any other podcasts you listen to, in other categories)
  3. Scroll down to the bottom to enter your name and email address.  There is no validation, so please type carefully.
  4. Click Submit!  Your vote is in!  You sometimes will receive a confirmation link by e-mail to validate your vote.  Just follow the link provided.
  5. REPEAT DAILY until November 15th.

Many many thanks!


Show your support for our Journalverse brother Nathan, and for our entire field!, by voting daily until November 15. Together we can help make it happen! And check out JournalTalk!


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  1. Nathan Ohren November 2, 2013 at 9:19 am #

    Thank you Kay! Love the community here, network of support and the common goals — the passion for our craft! Thanks to everyone for the votes. ~Nathan

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