Kay’s Journal: The Randoms

Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!

Random delight:
Outside my window, my neighbor’s Australian shepherd runs five feet straight up the cottonwood tree, pivots in the fork and runs back down, all in one motion. He does this several times a day. I laugh out loud every time.

Random gratitude:
It makes me absurdly happy how shiny clean my dishes are since I switched to dishwasher pellets.

Random existential question:
Me, at dental reception desk: “Hi, I’m Kay Adams, here for my 11:30 cleaning.”
Receptionist: “Have there been any changes?”

Random encounter:
Being pokey on the sidewalks of Breckenridge, dawdling against my own will, asking myself WHY I am so leisurely when I’ve just been notified that my condo is ready for me and I’m eager to check in. I turn a corner and (almost literally) run into a beloved friend from Denver who I haven’t seen in four years and with whom my last encounter was fraught with hurt feelings and unfinished business. We immediately freeze, hug wildly, jump up and down and talk over each other with apologies and forgiveness. A completely God moment. Also: healing happens in the present tense.

Random headline in my news feed:
Khloe Kardashian Regrets Taking Tampon Endorsements at Her Heavier Weight: “Why Was I So Thirsty?” (People magazine)

Kelly & Beast

Random moment of bursting into tears:
Experiencing niece Kelly, who has been a musical theater kid since the age of 8 (now 27), on stage in Houston as Belle in Beauty & the Beast, with the highlights reel running in background as I remembered all the many (many) shows she’s done in a 19-year passion for the stage and how I’ve been at every one with my little cone of flowers and my Kleenex because I always (always) cry.

Random pleasure:
Road trip (okay, we flew) with next-oldest niece Amy to Houston. We shared cancelled flights, getting up at 3:30 am, navigating Houston highways (!), really bad food, assorted merriments–and two stunning performances. Fun times!

Your turn! What’s random in your world this week? Tell us in the comments.



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