Kay’s Journal: October Musings

Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!

Our first snowfall arrived at dawn, just as predicted, weighing the yellow chrysanthemums with thick soggy white. It’s the inevitable sign of the changing season, even though Colorado will no doubt return to bright blue skies and warm autumn winds before winter comes to stay in a month or two. Still, it’s a lovely morning to be in pajamas at nearly 8 am.

My days and weeks are consumed with a pleasant busy-ness that is welcomed for its productivity and movement. On October 23 we begin making it known that the Journalverse will be accepting new members, and most of my energy is focused and directed on that task. It’s absorbing work, the work I love the most, which is the work made by hand.

October garden

My connections with clients are also deeply satisfying. My therapy clients show up in the face of hardship and challenge with a willingness to dig deep and work it through. It’s a great privilege to walk with them and hold the space for healing.

As the week-long Journal to the Self instructor training intensive demonstrated, this work continues to attract high-quality individuals who are passionate about contributing to the making of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world, one writing workshop at a time. The place to start is a peaceful heart, and journal writing can help us come to deepened stillness and understanding within.

Jace and Opi watch a happy birthday video

I give thanks for a healthy and stable family. Niece Amy and hubby Max just adopted a rescue puppy from Hurricane Harvey. Niece Kelly and hubby Jeremy are expecting their first baby next spring. Niece Susie is doing her psychiatric rotations for nursing school, so I’m looking forward to good conversations. Nephew Jack is in New Zealand, the first three-month leg of a gap year with Youth with a Mission. After Christmas he’ll be assigned to service work in an as-of-yet-unknown place in the world. Next-gen Jace, our miracle micro-preemie, celebrated his second birthday by stuffing fistfuls of chocolate cake in his mouth and chasing Mac, the family dog.

I have been taking a small break from pottery, having temporarily lost both my drive and my tools. An entire bag holding my clay tools and accessories has vanished, seemingly disapparated from the corner I tucked it in. After several weeks of all closets, cupboards and under-beds, I went to the art store and invested another $50 in tools, mindful of the blessing of having both the resources and the mindset to do that comfortably–there have been plenty of times when $50 of disposable income would have to wait and/or when I’d berate myself unmercifully for not being able to find something that is within the contained space of my own small house. I’ll be back in class on Tuesday.

My heart is heavy with events in Las Vegas and Washington and Puerto  Rico and all troubled areas of the country and world. It is tempting to fall into despair or inertia. I push myself to continue holding the space for peace and unity in whatever small ways I can and providing useful leadership for others.

On Wednesday I leave for New York City, where I will once again participate in the expressive writing track at the Expressive Therapies Summit, a congregation of nearly 1000 creative arts therapists and practitioners. I will be teaching with Deborah Ross and Nancy Scherlong. Deb and I are seeing a Broadway show on Thursday night. I’m staying in an AirBnB. I’m so looking forward to seeing,  being and teaching with two dear friends and colleagues.

The monthly whiteboard filled with motivation at my gym says “My favorite color is October.” Mine, too. And it’s my second-favorite month, right after May. It’s the best month for solitary walks, for curling up with a green apple for a long journal write, for leaving the window ajar just an inch or two for blasts of fresh cold air. And it’s a great month for musing. May we hear some of yours?


Share your musings here!


Big News! Journalverse will accept a limited number of new members from Oct 31-Nov 4.  If you have friends or colleagues who want to know about Journalverse, stay tuned. We’ll have a “friends and family” coupon you can use to invite them.


2 Responses to Kay’s Journal: October Musings

  1. Linda Peterson, PhD Medical Psychologist October 11, 2017 at 9:20 pm #

    This is so fresh and fun to share you Life and thoughts. Thanks Kay.
    Also special thanks for sending an email with a link to Journalverse. I will never miss you again!

    • Kay Adams October 16, 2017 at 11:11 am #

      So glad to have you back, Linda!

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