Kay’s Journal: August Visions

Hi, I’m Kay Adams. Here’s what I’m thinking about this wee

I’m teaching Vision & Manifestation in the second summer term at the Therapeutic Writing Institute. It’s been four years since I have taught it online, although I do a very brief reprise each time I offer the Journal to the Self instructor certification training (which I did last week — we had a glorious 5-day intensive with 12 very bright, committed, talented new instructors — see photo below).

The methods I learned from the founder, Robert Fritz (The Path of Least Resistance) have formed the foundation for my entire career. I use this work constantly. When I’m teaching, though, it has an extra dose of commitment, and I actually eliminate all the short cuts and “do the work” just like I did when I was learning it.

My practice vision for the four-week class was chosen from five possibilities. One cool piece of this methodology is the tendency for anything on “the list” to magically advance in background, even when full manifestation attention is placed only on the one practice vision. So I will also track movement on the four “passive” visions, which will no doubt accrue benefits from all the visioning energy. These are my five choices, with the one I’ve selected as my practice vision boldfaced.

1.    I choose to be back in the habit of eating clean.

2.    I choose to have at least four (preferably five) completely built-out courses on the Journalversity platform

3.    I choose to create the marketing copy, landing page, website page and open registration for the Writes of Passage 5-day intensive.

4.    I choose both TWI and CJT websites to be up and running after their face lifts.

5.    I choose to sell 50 seats in the CE course during the August special.

Stay tuned for updates!

And please welcome the Summer 2018 certified instructors!

The Summer 2018 graduating class, Journal to the Self Instructor Certification Training!



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