Kay’s Journal: Moving Mountains

Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!

As you know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I’ve been focused for the last couple of months on overhauling the look and feel of Journalverse. It’s been almost four years since we launched this site as a learning community for journal writers and facilitators worldwide. Yet we’ve been the best-kept secret at the Center for Journal Therapy. Intentionally we’ve flown under the radar until we could focus full attention on taking Journalverse to the next level.

But now it’s time! Since mid-June, we’ve moved mountains:

  • We’ve done a thorough back-end overhaul to fix chronic tech glitches.
  • We’ve interviewed dozens of members to find out what’s working and what’s wanted.
  • We’ve crunched 60 pages of data into a punch list of manageable proportions.
  • By this Friday (Sept 22) we will have implemented nearly all of those changes. The graphic changes are in process and are expected to be completed this Wednesday.

Here’s a preview of present and coming attractions.

  • Back-end functionality. Our tech guru, Sean Adams (no relation), has deconstructed/reconstructed that which wasn’t working to enhance simple, efficient registration.
  • Freshened appearance. We’re updating fonts and graphics to give a fresher, brighter look.
  • Easier navigation. By Friday, the Home page will be devoted to a site index with clickable navigation.
  • The Audio Archive Vault is open to all members! We’re grouping all 112 audio interviews into themes. You can now enter the vault and begin downloading; within the next couple of weeks we’ll have the thematic and key speaker sorts done.
  • Prompt Jar Archive Vault is next! It will take a while to sort all 204 weeks and 1,428 prompts (as of this writing) into themes, but we’re on it. Imagine the resources for your writing groups!
  • You asked for more community. We’ve added the Coffeehouse Community Write that will change every two weeks. We’ve also added a members-only Facebook group. Ask to join HERE and (if you’re a current member) you’ll be added! (If you’re not a current member — why wait?)
  • You asked for more Kay. We’ve brought back the (popular!) Coffee with Kay video blogs. Starting October 8, a Sunday Salon video conference hosted by Kay offers opportunities for sharing, brain-picking, Q/A, those gnarly marketing or group process questions–whatever the group wants! (You can join by phone instead of video if you’re camera-shy or don’t have a webcam.)

It’s been an intense few months, and we’re hoping you’ll find the new, improved Journalverse a hospitable and energetic community of like-minded souls. Please let us know!

Your turn! Tell us in the Comments section what you think! And thank you for your loyalty and support over the past four years. Whether you’re a charter member, just joined, or somewhere in between, the Journalverse would not exist without you.


Not yet a Journalverse member? Join today HERE. Enter HALFOFF as coupon code and get 50% off first month’s membership! ($19/month)




4 Responses to Kay’s Journal: Moving Mountains

  1. Meghan Barich September 20, 2017 at 7:27 am #

    Congratulations on tackling a HUGE project that serves us all — thank you! The link to the Facebook Group isn’t working, FYI. So excited to become more connected to the Journalverse!

  2. Linda Barnes September 20, 2017 at 12:40 pm #

    I’m VERY excited about the audio vault. Can hardly wait to download a few of my favorites. Keep your momentum going! XOXOX

  3. Kay Adams September 21, 2017 at 6:38 am #

    Linda, I’ll tell you a little secret. There’s a stage in my success pattern that I call the “nose to the grindstone” stage when I get completely overtaken with the work and find all sorts of ways to obsess about how to make things even more beautiful/ useful/ perfect/ et al. than what I was satisfied with the day before. Now I’ve got the itch to provide “Behind the Mic” musings on each interview based on my recollection of it. Even after 112 hours of interviews over four years, I still remember every one well enough to give my experience of it. Check it out and let me know what you think. I put the link up in the blog post.

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