Kay’s Journal: Lala Land


Kay Adams

I’m home from the second annual Los Angeles Expressive Therapies Summit. Barry Cohen, the organizer of both this Summit and the autumn one in NYC, has an uncanny ability to gather vast crowds; this conference had more than 600 therapists in all facets of expressive therapies and across many spectra of clinical work. There were also students, educators, creatives — I loved the energy and commitment of the participants.

As I have done for several years at these gatherings, I organized an expressive writing track and had a joyful time with my colleagues and friends Kate Thompson of Boulder, Leslie Teyssier of San Luis Obispo, Richard Gold of Seattle and Tristine Rainer of Los Angeles. I attended each of their workshops (except Kate’s; it came just before my noontime speech with PowerPoint, a guaranteed stress attack) and each one was unique and outstanding. It’s always such a treat to be facilitated by people who love this work as much as I do — and in the case of Tristine, have been doing it even longer than I have! We had lots of bonding time over meals and in Ubers and, of course, in sessions.

My sessions — an all-day workshop, an evening session, a lunch-and-learn — were each attended by interesting, engaged folks who brought rich content from their own lives. A couple of them you’ll be meeting in LIVE! with Kay talks upcoming! I came away, as always, with a deep gratitude for the opportunity to take this work out into the world to people who will use it for good in their own lives and the lives of those they serve.

I came home last night feeling both emptied out and filled up. Because I seldom sleep well on the road, I got my first good sleep in nearly a week and, while I’ve been a bit thick today, I’m also tremendously invigorated and inspired. I love teaching with my friends!

Having a Manhattan at Manhattan Beach with Leslie Teyssier, Tristine Rainer and Kate Thompson



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  1. irit freiman May 1, 2018 at 7:28 am #

    i am sure evryone enjoyed and learned from your workshops

  2. Carol Roberts May 1, 2018 at 1:13 pm #

    Lesslie in San Luis Obispo? Where is she, pray tell! Do I need to know her???

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