Kay’s Journal: Coffee with Kay and Mary Reynolds Thompson

Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!


Once I decided to get over myself and start making video blogs again, all sorts of possibilities opened up.

One is how simple it is to call up a friend and ask if she’ll (or he’ll) have a five-minute video conversation with me! This time I ask Mary Reynolds Thompson the current Coffeehouse question, “What are you doing?” Here’s her response. Enjoy!





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2 Responses to Kay’s Journal: Coffee with Kay and Mary Reynolds Thompson

  1. Linda Barnes September 13, 2017 at 2:24 pm #

    Hooray! Two of my most favorite peeps! This is great. Hello Mary, and best blessings for your retreat! So wish I could be with you, but will join up in spirit. Looks like a beautiful location, and isn’t it wonderful that your circle will be the only group there during that weekend?!

    Best wishes also for your new book. The other two are FABULOUS (Everyone should have them!). I admire your wisdom, insight, and especially your commitment to your own vision.

    Blessed Day, Blessed Event, Blessed Year, Blessed Life to YOU BOTH!

    • Kay Adams September 18, 2017 at 10:22 am #

      Thanks, Linda! Wish I could be there too — it coincides with the 32nd anniversary of the first JTTS workshop, so it would be a splendid way to celebrate. However, not to be — I’m headed out for a 10-day trip to Montreal and Atlanta where I will be a student instead of a teacher for two separate symposia! Hope lots of others respond though as it will be one for the annals.

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