Kay’s Journal: Closure

Here’s what I’m thinking about this week!

March winds howl outside my window and bend the tulip stalks enough to make me nervous they’ll snap. So far, they haven’t. I remind myself that tulips know how to grow.

I’m experiencing a time of welcome closure on several fronts.

My curriculum project is winding its slow way to the finish line. Six weeks in construction, two weeks in pilot, four weeks in a maddening but ultimately satisfying learning curve on how to construct a sales page and all its accoutrements–and we’ll probably launch later this week! I’m beyond ready emotionally and nearly ready logistically.

My youngest nephew, Jack, is coming home next week from his post-high school gap year with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), where he spent three months studying ministry in New Zealand and three months serving villages in Papau New Guinea. He left as a mature and responsible young man. He returns with a depth of life experience that has shaped him in ways yet to be revealed. He is having closure with his cohort group in New Zealand this week and his steady girlfriend is having closure with what has seemed to her an endless separation as she’s found her way through her freshman year in biochemical engineering. We will welcome Jack home on his 19th birthday, which he will celebrate twice, once on an airplane in the eastern hemisphere, the second on arrival home at last!

My garden is having closure with winter and is breaking into bud, branch, stalk. Every day some new green thing surfaces and overtakes bare dirt. Of course there’s a good chance that our mild winter so far will mean a cold and snowy spring, so who knows how much of this greenery will end up blossoming–but it’s wonderful to see the sturdy shoots, right on schedule.

My winter class at the University has ended, and it was a glorious experience. It’s normal to have classes filled with dedicated, hard-working, engaged graduate students, so I enjoy teaching this class under any circumstances. This time around, though, there was some extra magic in the air. A refreshingly small class (7 students), each of equal commitment to the work at hand, led to a beautiful intimacy, trust level, willingness to be vulnerable, and much healing, support and shared learning.

The second 90-day sprint in my coaching program¬†concluded on Friday, and I’m on a loose break until I go to Montreal in mid-April for the second Mastermind for the entire cohort. I plan to catch up with some long overdue administrative projects in the six-week interim before the third and last sprint begins in early May. My curriculum project was my one and only goal for this sprint, and I’m finishing it right on schedule–on Wednesday or Thursday we’ll start testing advertising and list-building strategies.

Closures of course make room for openings. I’m eager to see what rushes in to fill the empty space.


How about you? What sorts of closures/openings are you experiencing?

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