Kay’s Journal: Breaking Silence

Here’s what I’m thinking about this week!


A tweet from the weekend starts with side-by-side images: 1) President Trump with Senate Majority Leader McConnell; 2) wide shot of the 2018 Women’s March. The text continues:
These men can’t keep the government open while these women organized a nationwide march of millions. –@JasonKander

If I ever doubted that the Universe has a divine sense of irony, this weekend in the United States of America removed any traces. The confluence of a government shutdown and a multi-million-person women’s march on the first anniversary of Inauguration Day — well.

I had this dream already, in 1986, and I took it to my dream group. I’m somewhere, being chased by big men filled with power and ego, they want to exile me, send me away, silence me, and then there are vast seas of women, mostly women but also men, who make a human barrier and somehow it stuns the big men into silence but I know with dread it won’t last….

I don’t think I had a prescient dream in 1986. I think I had a dream (and have had it a hundred times since, with different sets and costumes and actors playing out the same Shakespearean drama) about a story that keeps being told, throughout culture, throughout history, in this country and everywhere on earth: Some people have power, some want to have power, some are the pawns of power.  Some want to express their own authentic personal power, and they also want that for everyone else.

It’s an age-old story. We’re just seeing it on gigantic hi-def screens, 24/7, our national reality tv show back for its second season. Kabuki theater with actual human lives in the balance.

I’m doing a presentation on Friday for my friend and colleague Linda  Joy Myers’ National Association for Memoir Writers (www.namw.org) on the topic of Breaking Silence. In preparation, I’m focusing on speaking my own truth, breaking my own silence. I tend to not be too overtly political in this blog. Today I’m speaking up.

I participated vicariously in the Women’s March on Saturday because I made a choice to stay home this year and not lose momentum on the curricuum project that I blogged about last week. I wrote then that I was anticipating the tipping point when it was full speed ahead, the official start to the “naps and snacks” stage. I finally got there early this morning, when I had a sudden, single brilliant idea that came complete with the awareness that this was the roller coaster cresting the hill.

So I am hunkered down and aside from pottery tomorrow afternoon (creative integration time) I will not emerge until Friday, when I briefly rejoin the world for the NAMW talk, an oil change, and a massage. See you on the other side!



5 Responses to Kay’s Journal: Breaking Silence

  1. irit freiman January 22, 2018 at 10:54 pm #

    now you truly got me all fired up. can’t wait…but will have o

  2. Katherine Cox Stevenson January 23, 2018 at 11:57 am #

    Really looking forward to Friday’s call Kay.

  3. Sherry Danner January 24, 2018 at 7:16 am #

    Kay, this is so timely and powerful. I saw The Post last night and that inspiration, along with your blog, is fueling my courage to post something I wrote about my own Metoo experience – or one of them I should say. So easy to cheer on the others, so hard when it is you. But we must. We can’t agree with the silencing. We must free ourselves from our cages. Thanks for adding to my clarity on that today!

    • Kay Adams January 24, 2018 at 11:41 am #

      Sherry, thanks for this feedback–and I stand with you, in solidarity and as witness to your brave choice to post your own story. “We must free ourselves from our cages.” What a powerful statement.

      • Sherry Danner January 25, 2018 at 3:47 pm #

        Thank you, Kay! It is affirming to hear that the phrase resonates. I am starting to use my voice by opening a new boundaries at assertiveness coaching business for women with that theme. We must keep freeing each other!

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