Kay’s Journal: Best of Prompt Jar 2017

Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!

Let’s continue the December theme of Best Lists with (some of) 2017’s arguably best Prompt Jars. This is so subjective that I finally just had to name a parameter: I limited myself to those Prompt Jars written in-house, by the Journalverse managers or me. The Prompt Jars provided or inspired by the current LIVE! with Kay guest, I decided, were a separate group.

My other parameter was that the Prompt Jar had to surprise and delight me, offering me an instant wash of pleasure that brightens my senses and sharpens my wit. I experience these prompts (for #4, their sources) as fresh and startling, and I respond viscerally when I read them.

They are listed chronologically.  #1, 2 and 3 were written by former Journalvese manager Lynn Southard. I wrote #4. Current JV manager Melissa Benamin wrote #5 and 6.


Wishes, Hopes & Dreams, Jan 2. A beautiful set of quotes from a diverse set of inspirers. I love that it is evergreen–one could ritually use these to focus and set intention for each New Year. Keep them handy–you’ll want them in a week or two!


Humans of New York , Jan 28. Sensitively curated stories with insightful and thought-provoking prompts. And I double-dare you not to melt when you read about the future president of Venezuela.


Technology, April 3. It delights me when I am mindboggled by a set of prompts. This was unexpected and still relevant given the current state of the net neutrality debate.


First Lines, April 10. For Poetry Week, I turned to poetic first lines that inspired interesting prompts. I loved thumbing through Billy Collins’ curated Poetry 180 to find the lines that sparked my prompt-brain.

My friends Marta and Don, Citizens of the Sky


Total Eclipse of the Sun, August 14.  In marvelous unity, as a continent we chased the sun and shelled out $20 for eclipse eyewear. This Prompt Jar perfectly captures the mythic depth and silly fun of Eclipse Week.


Thanksgiving, November 20. The  Thanksgiving-themed prompts are lovely. But what’s epic about this Prompt Jar is Chef Melissa’s 19-page menu planner and recipe guide to the inside of her culinary brain. This girl can cook.

Were there other Prompt Jars that stayed with you from this year? Are there topics you’d like to see us cover in Prompt Jars? Please leave your comments below!



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