Kay’s Journal: Best of Kay’s Journal 2017

Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!

The last entry in the Best of 2017 consists of my favorite blog posts. Here, then, the excellent, the ridiculous, and the random.


The Grunge Sisters Garage Band Rap, June 5. All my older sister wanted for her birthday was for our younger sister and me to spend a day helping her “downsize” her garage (e.g. “scrutinize, scrutinize every box”). When we arrived, she’d written a rap that of course we had to perform for auspiciousness. The ensuing hilarity (well, we think so) not only offers an up-close-and-personal slice of my goofy family (there are 18 of us!) but also signals my willingness to get over my video phobia (see: #4) and even better, intentionally look ridiculous on camera. My favorite blog of the year!


A Year at Crown Hill: Bouyancy, Jan 2. My year at my own Walden Pond–Crown Hill Lake and Wilderness Preserve, across the street from my home–followed a predictable pattern: Essay on some lesson found in whatever landscape I was inhabiting in that moment (I quickly realized that my schedule took me to places that weren’t Crown Hill), photograph of the landscape, classic-form haiku (5, 7, 5) summarizing everything. The “year” actually took an extra few months–I fell silent for a while–and this was the penultimate entry.


Invisible (Illegible) Writing, Parts 1 and 2. Mar 13 and Mar 27. This blog pair represents a humorous game of Journalverse “telephone” (and also an awesome art/journal process) with (Part 1)  Linda Barnes telling me about something she learned from French Canadian art therapist Anne-Marie Jobin that I reported on, then (Part 2) Anne-Marie gently redirecting me and telling me how it actually goes, complete with video!


Coffee with Kay RebootAug 14. In which I confess to my video phobia and decide to get over myself and Just Do It (thanks, Nike!)


The Randoms, Sept 25. “One must have chaos within to give birth to a dancing star,” wrote Neitzsche. And sometimes one must simply surrender to the power of randomness. Absurdity rocks!

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