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Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!

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I had a lovely experience last week: Teaching the Spring 2017 instructor certification training (ICT) group at the Loretto Center in southwest suburban Denver.

I taught the first ICT as a weekend intensive in February 1989. We used plastic-comb bound, dot-matrix printed copies of my manuscript as the text. That one was unique! And I thought it would stay unique; I assumed it would be a “one-and-done.”

Forty or so ICT trainings later, this one was unique because there were only four participants. I’ve never had a group that small. Typically we have 6-12. It was delightful.

Brigit Schreiber and me with Sr. Maureen McCormack, an original Intensive Journal(r) Consultant who pioneered the Progoff method in prisons across the US

Brigit Schreiber and me with Sr. Maureen McCormack. Sr. Maureen pioneered the Progoff Intensive Journal method in prisons across the US.

On Wednesday of the ICT, the participants are assigned to a practice teaching group of four participants, sometimes including people from the local instructor community. Each person in a group of four spends 90 minutes teaching one section of the Journal to the Self workshop to their peers. Until now, we’ve had have two or sometimes three practice teaching groups going at a time, in different rooms, and I rotate between or among the groups, spending 45 minutes or 30 minutes with each practice teacher so that I can observe and experience everyone’s style and presentation.

Last Wednesday, I stayed in one place for the whole day. I got to experience each teacher fully, from start to finish. It was remarkable. And I actually had a breakthrough with the creative writing projects I wrote about last week!

It’s no more possible to say which instructor training group is my favorite than it would be to tell you which of my eight nieces and nephews is the smartest or cutest or most interesting. They’re each, uniquely, my favorite. And this one is no exception! Welcome to four fabulous new Journal to the Self Certified Instructors!

New JTTS certified instructors (from left) Maryanna Brunkhorst, Denver; Birgit Schreiber, Germany; (center Kay Adams, Denver); Jane Latimer, Portland; Allison Pond. Salt Lake City.


That’s what’s going on in my world! What’s going on in yours?


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3 Responses to Kay’s Journal: A Lovely Week

  1. Birgit Schreiber May 11, 2017 at 1:06 am #

    Dear Kay, thanks for your lovely summary of our week together. What I have taken with me – apart from invaluable methods of writing – is the experience of a wonderful community of writers. A community that does not know geographical frontiers but that relies on shared values, shared love for writing and a deep love for life. Thank you for this experience and for holding a vision with me, with us. Birgit – from Bremen, Germany

    • Kay Adams May 25, 2017 at 12:55 pm #

      Birgit, such a delight to have you here all the way from Germany. Thank you for your wise and heartfelt words. I can’t wait to see where you, and all of you, take this work!


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