You know how you’ve looked and looked for a community of conscious helping professionals who use the journal as a therapeutic tool?

Hurray! You’ve arrived.

We’re probably the community you’ve been seeking. But check it out for yourself. If you answer YES to any two or more questions, you have much in common with Journalverse members. We think you will like it here.

  1. Do I know the power of writing in my own life?
  2. Do I facilitate others using expressive writing as a tool for healing, growth and change?
  3. If I write mostly for my personal use, am I hungry for experiences to take my writing to the next level? Do I want to go deeper with some of the best people in the field?
  4. Do I want to be part of a generous community of thinkers and practitioners who take expressive writing into the world?
  5. Have I been wanting more knowledge and wondering where all the conscious helping professionals who use therapeutic writing in their work hang out?

All quotes from Journalverse member interviews

They come for the CONTENT—

  • “A fantastic resource for accessing the professional world of writing and healing.”
  • “A deep source of diverse learning and experience.”

Kay Adams, your host at the Journalverse

They stay for the COMMUNITY—

  • “The Journalverse embodies a sense of writing as community–global, professional, learning, wisdom. This is to me the heartbeat of the Journalverse.”
  • “There is no other expressive writing presence that has this shared community and vibrancy.”

Through it all is KAY—

  • “The Journalverse is led by the amazing Kay Adams, who gathers great people wherever she goes.”
  • “Kay is a master among masters.”

All quotes from Journalverse member interviews

For as little as $21 each month you get….

LIVE! with Kay–twice monthly live telecons with pioneer superstars  like Dr. James Pennebaker, Christina Baldwin, Tristine Rainer, Dr. John Evans, Judy Reeves, Mark Matousek, Linda Joy Myers–as well as niched experts and thought leaders

Access to the Vault, the enormous audio archive of more than 110 interviews with experts, pioneers, authors, thought leaders, up-and-comers, all with Kay as expert host

The Prompt Jar, a weekly batch of themed writing prompts–sometimes fun, sometimes deep, always thought-provoking–nearly 1500 prompts and counting!

Kay’s Journal, a rare opportunity to experience Kay’s most intimate and authentic writing style, now with video blogs (Coffee with Kay)

Sunday Salon, a real-time video roundtable with Kay and community

Awesome community of like-minded people with whom to exchange, share, listen and be heard

• A private Facebook group for Journalverse members to connect and share

 Video conferencing meet-and-greets for new and current members

• A weekly newsletter with notices of upcoming events and links to new content

One low cost of $24/mo or $21/mo when you subscribe for 6 months at a time, locked in for the life of your membership

Exclusive membership discounts on continuing education hours for Journalverse events (NBCC ACEP® #5782) and group or 1:1 consultation with Kay

80% of Journalverse members are conscious helping professionals who know the power of writing for healing, growth and change.

20% are conscious individuals who seek their own healing, growth and change through expressive writing.

Will you join us?


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