About the Journalverse

Journalverse_iconhires(1)The Journalverse is a learning community for journal writers and facilitators worldwide. It is a one-stop portal for conscious professionals (and serious writers) who know the power of writing for healing, growth and change.

For one low fee of $19/month ($17.50/month for 6-month subscriptions), you’ll get full access all Journalverse benefits. These benefits include two visionary conversations each month. LIVE! with Kay is a teleconference interview hosted by Journalverse founder and journal therapy pioneer Kay Adams with an enticing roster of guests who are leading authors and thinkers, innovative experts, therapeutic writing pioneers and up-and-coming practitioners in the field of journal therapy and therapeutic writing.

We’ve also got regular features such as the Prompt Jar–a writing prompt for every day of every year, grouped into week-long themes, and monthly features such as the Poem of the Month (with prompts), updates on news and happenings in the therapeutic writing world, Kay’s personal blog, video-conference roundtables, lively community, and much more!

All are welcome! To know if you might be a good fit, consider these five questions. If you answer YES to even one, the Journalverse could very well be an excellent fit for you. If you answer YES to three or more, you’ll find kindred souls at the  Journalverse.

  • Do I know the power of writing in my own life?
  • Do I facilitate others using expressive writing as a tool for healing, growth and change?
  • If I write mostly for my personal use, am I hungry for experiences to take my writing to the next level? Do I want to go deeper with some of the best people in the field?
  • Do I want to be part of a generous community of thinkers and practitioners who take expressive writing into the world?
  • Have I been wanting more knowledge and wondering where these people hung out and how I could get there?

We bring in new members in waves every few months. Currently we are accepting new members through November 2, 2017. Please go HERE  to join–or to sign up for advance notice of our next registration wave.

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