Expressive Writing Helps Wound Healing for Seniors

NotesA new study finds that healthy seniors heal more quickly from wounds if they unburden themselves with expressive writing.

The study, conducted in New Zealand, offers the classic expressive writing intervention developed by Dr. James Pennebaker to 49 healthy older adults, ranging in age from 64-97. Two weeks after the test group wrote about upsetting or traumatic events, and the control group wrote unemotionally about everyday activities, both groups underwent skin biopsies.

“On the 11th day after the biopsy, the wounds were completely healed on 76.2 percent of those who had done the expressive writing. That was true of only 42.1 percent of those who had written about everyday activities, ” writes Tom Jacobs in Pacific Standard magazine.

Click here for the full citation and abstract from the published research in Psychosomatic Medicine.

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