Coffeehouse: The View Out My Window…

JV Icon PenSeptember 21, 2017.   It’s the autumn equinox. Imagine us all in a vintage coffeehouse, sprawled on sprung couches  around wobbly tables, our journals out, classic rock (country, punk, pop, fill in your own blank) pouring out of the stereo speakers mounted on the wall. We’re writing to the same prompt and then somebody calls time and we share. That’s Coffeehouse Community Writes!

Write for 7-10+ minutes on the prompt. Then we’ll have a sharing circle. If you want to “read” (post)  some or all of your write, the floor (comments section) is yours. You’ll be received with the same acceptance, respect, support and keen listening as if we were in actual circle. Or you might want to write any comments about the process, what it evoked in you, how it landed in your body, the emotional landscape.

As readers/commenters, please honor the ancient circle tradition of bearing witness to another’s life story and responding with thought and heart. Thank you!

The view out my window….


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  1. Tess Hamel November 3, 2017 at 11:24 pm #

    The view out my window gives pause for reflection. Am I watching Mr. Squirrel, or is he watching me? Everyday he runs the top of the fencing, as if late for his 2 o’clock board meeting. When he sees me behind the picture glass window he stops and twitches his bushy tail in response to my intrusion. Later, I hear scritchy sounds as he scales the stucco walls of the house. By four o’clock he’s made his rounds and I find him digging in my rosemary plantings, yet again. Looking over his shoulder, he spies me in the window, and with a flick of his tail I know I’ve been told to mind my own business. I get the impression that this may not be my house at all!

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