Coffeehouse: Showing Love

JV Icon PenFebruary 1, 2018.   Imagine us all in a vintage coffeehouse, sprawled on sprung couches  around wobbly tables, our journals out, classic rock (country, punk, pop, fill in your own blank) pouring out of the stereo speakers mounted on the wall. We’re writing to the same prompt and then somebody calls time and we share. That’s Coffeehouse Community Writes!

Write for 7-10 minutes–or as long as you wish–on the prompt below.   Then post your write, or whatever you want of it, or a reflection (As I read this I notice– I’m aware of– I’m surprised by — etc.) or notes on the process or experience of writing it.

I’m showing love this month by…

Please share your write, your reflection or your process in the Comments section. When you respond to each other, we co-create a community journal experience.

Participate in any or all prior Coffeehouse Community Writes — they appear every two weeks, but they’re timeless.


One Response to Coffeehouse: Showing Love

  1. Carol Roberts February 13, 2018 at 4:52 pm #

    Mine is short. Someone at church is putting together snacks for the homeless in our area, and I’m going to help. Had fun shopping today, will enjoy putting them together on Saturday. A small thing and hope it helps a few people.

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