Coffeehouse: A Mistake

JV Icon PenNovember 13, 2017.   Imagine us all in a vintage coffeehouse, sprawled on sprung couches  around wobbly tables, our journals out, classic rock (country, punk, pop, fill in your own blank) pouring out of the stereo speakers mounted on the wall. We’re writing to the same prompt and then somebody calls time and we share. That’s Coffeehouse Community Writes!

Write for 7-10 minutes on the prompt below.  Include or remove [recent] as useful. Then post your write, or whatever you want of it, or a reflection (As I read this I notice– I’m aware of– I’m surprised by — etc.) or notes on the process or experience of writing it.

Tell a funny story about a mistake.

Please share your write, your reflection or your process in the Comments section. Respond to each other and we’ll create a community journal experience!

Participate in any or all prior Coffeehouse Community Writes — they appear every two weeks, but they’re timeless.


2 Responses to Coffeehouse: A Mistake

  1. Diane Kelley Bradshaw November 30, 2017 at 8:02 am #

    I just wrote this funny story about a mistake (s) in my “Holey Confessionals” blog. Enjoy and laugh with me….

    Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. If you recall, I tried to get into someone’s else’s car thinking it was mine. Twice. My guy calmly and politely said, honey that’s the wrong car. I’ve mistakenly been wearing under eye cover as eye primer for weeks. It works by the way. Today I put eye liner on my eyebrows and wondered why it was so dark. I can’t keep the stuff from bleeding when it’s under my eyes but try to get it off of your eyebrows, shees. Here’s the worst though. I was going into a department store and an older woman was holding the door for me. Wanting to respect her age, wisdom, and all that, I thought she should go before me. I grab the door and say, AGE before BEAUTY. WHAT??!!! Of course, I meant it the other way around. HOLY MOTHER GODDESS, just make me invisible! I apologize to deaf ears. She’s already huffed and marched away. Rightfully so. To make it worse there’s a sales person inside the door handing out a store promotion who bursts out laughing. My crime has been witnessed and verified. She could identify me in a line-up. Mortified I shop in fear of bumping into either of these two women again. Does this mean my chakras are spinning the wrong way? Apparently something is spinning the wrong way…

    Sincerely, Dyanne (my alter ego)

    • Kay Adams December 1, 2017 at 3:18 pm #

      This is hilarious! The sort of day that makes you want to crawl back into bed….. Thanks for sharing and for the good laugh.

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