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Behind the Mic: Writing from Your Authentic Wildness

I first met Judy Reeves in the fall of 1992, when a San Diego-based group, Journal and Diary Enthusiasts (JADE) hosted a journal conference and invited me to keynote. Judy was the organizer of that conference, and I, having produced a journal conference the year before, was instantly impressed with her seemingly effortless juggling of […]

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In memory of poet Galway Kinnell, 1927-2014

The poet Galway Kinnell has died. An Irishman who was born and lived in New England, his poetic voice was musical, lyrical, and uplifting. His body of work included more than a dozen books of poetry, a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award. According to NPR, “He was a giant in many ways; his […]

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Kay’s Journal: 11 Ways to Get Out of Your Head

Last week’s Women’s Circle, Women’s Story writing retreat was a deep dive into healing of body, psyche,and spirit for the nine brave souls who “risk(ed) everything for the raw recipe of (their) passion” (from the poem “Pumpernickel” by Philip Schultz). One morning, in our check-in round, a circle member asked, “I have a hard time […]

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From Kay’s Journal: A Well-Worn Peace

Thirty-one years ago tonight, September 10, 1982, a Friday, I entered the lobby of Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado,  where I had been a congregant for not quite five weeks, clutching my tattered spiral notebook journal tightly to my chest.  I was about to enter the sanctuary (along with about 200 other people — […]

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