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Kay’s Journal: Best of 2018

This is a bittersweet blog: The last of Journalverse as we have known it 2013-2018.  As closure, I’ll reintroduce you to three blogs that I found particularly important this year. Jan 16 – Naps and Snacks Although I didn’t know it at the time, this deconstruction of my creative process foreshadowed the construction of Journalversity. […]

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Kay’s Journal: Glitches and Graces

There are sometimes unintended consequences of well-intentioned acts, and I’m responsible for one of those that has regrettably confused some good people at Journalverse. Here’s an explanation, and my apology. On August 30, in preparation for manually discontinuing all members’ recurring billings on Aug 31-Sept 1, I moved all Journalverse members to the Scholarship level […]

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