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Journal in Cinema: The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady (1984)

Perfect for a winter hunker in, with poetry in motion, the pages of Edith Holden’s naturalist diary turn days into seasons. Narrated by the diary, back dropped with panoramic Victorian countryside moving to classical music, this series is for nature-lovers, artists and historians. It’s a good true story, elegantly PRO-JOURNAL, particularly honoring the documentary value of […]

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Journals in Cinema: The Chorus (2004)

Uplifting as migrating monarch butterflies in undulating flight, The Chorus (original French title, Les Choristes) is a movie of hope. Bruno Coulais’ sublime music soundtrack resonates with angelic voices, sung by Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc Choir. The soulful music could calm a savage beast. The movie is layered with meaningful themes such as the music’s transformative […]

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Journals in Cinema: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Vampires never interested me until watching Bram Stroker’s Dracula (1992). What lured my attention (as might yours as journal writers) were many scenes showing fountain-penned journal pages and people journaling. In 1897, Stoker wrote Dracula in the diary form of narrative. Director Francis Ford Coppola’s surreal, visually haunting rendition of one of greatest Gothic Epics, […]

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Journal in Cinema: Mrs. Brown (1997)

1860:“GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!” She needed saving. Three years into impenetrable mourning, spiraling depression, and self-imposed reclusive exile after the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s (Judi Dench) absence was weakening the British Empire. Court consuls, in an attempt to jump-start her re-functioning, call on John Brown (Billy Connolly), Scottish commoner, keeper of the late […]

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