Journals in Cinema: The Chorus (2004)

Uplifting as migrating monarch butterflies in undulating flight, The Chorus (original French title, Les Choristes) is a movie of hope. Bruno Coulais’ sublime music soundtrack resonates with angelic voices, sung by Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc Choir. The soulful music could calm a savage beast. The movie is layered with meaningful themes such as the music’s transformative […]

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Kay’s Journal: A Year at Crown Hill: Friends

Week 45. One certain antidote to the “mulleygrubs” is basking in the safety and sustenance of old friends. I’ve spent nearly two weeks in the presence of philial love, first in New York City at the Expressive Therapies Summit with Deborah Ross, Mary Reynolds Thompson, Kate Thompson, Nancy Scherlong and Barry Cohen [see last week’s blog], and […]

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Prompt Jar Week of November 14 Compassionate Clutter-Clearing for the Holidays

Gift-giving, gatherings, and other traditions of the season can be restorative rituals or frantic obligations. Each year is a new opportunity to take a fresh look at the props and practices you’ve accumulated around the holidays. Yet making changes to traditions can be challenging. Carolyn Koehnline, CJT and clutter coach recommends a gentle approach. Use […]

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Audio Download: Brian Sunset, Writing with Trees

November 2016 – LIVE! with Kay Brian Sunset is an artist, journeyer, and lover of the natural world. He facilitates expressive writing groups in diverse environments, including community centers, psychiatric hospitals, schools and jails. Brian is the creator of Cascadia Arts and Healing Center, dedicated to the advancement and re-establishment of the arts as a way […]

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