Kay’s Journal: Invisible (Illegible) Writing, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog called “Invisible Writing” that described a technique taught by Montreal art therapist Anne-Marie Jobin to transform difficult stories into journal art. (She actually calls it illegible writing, but she liked that spontaneous adaptation.) Anne-Marie sent me a link to one of her art therapy videos that she has translated for […]

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Prompt Jar: Week of March 20 – Your Living, Breathing Story

Barbara Stahura, CJF, asks, “What if, more than having a story, you are a story—a Living, Breathing Story always capable of positive change?” By understanding how we unconsciously create stories to explain our experiences to ourselves—and that they continuously affect us in body, mind, and spirit—we can discover personal pathways towards conscious, positive change. Through […]

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Kay’s Journal: Invisible Writing

Good buddy and charter Journalverse member Linda Barnes called yesterday to catch up. In the course of our meandering conversation she told me about an “invisible writing” journal technique she was using to process a painful experience. She said she learned it at last year’s Journal Conference in Le Journal Creatif (the Creative Journal) workshop led by […]

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