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Behind the Mic entries are Kay’s notes about the interview. This is a work-in-process, working from most recent back in time. Tagging will evolve into thematic groupings. For now, scroll, download and learn from our library of 132 interviews with pioneers, thought leaders, authors, established and emerging experts, and practitioners of therapeutic and expressive writing.  The most recent archives stay HERE for about 60-90 days before moved to the Vault.


Since about January 2016, there have been two LIVE! with Kay interviews each month. From 2013-2015,  LIVE! with Kay happened once per month, as did Ask the Experts (AE) and Consultation Clinic (CC).

LIVE! with Kay 

#LK1076, Judy Reeves, Writing Potpourri: Prompts from a Writing Practice Provacateur, May 2018

#LK1075, Kate Thompson, Self-Supervision and the Journal, May 2018

#LK1074, Rachel Bagby, Dekaaz, April 2018

#LK1073, Vanessa Jackson, Poetry as Healer: Grief Road, April 2018

#LK1072, Mary Reynolds Thompson, Your Wild Soul Story, March 2018

#LK1071, Judith Gerberg, Tips from an Expressive Arts Career Counselor, March 2018

#LK1070, Melissa Josue, Writing Through Relationship Challenges, February 2018

#LK1069, Dr. Katherine Cox Stevenson, Starting and Sustaining a Writing Group, February 2018

#LK1068, Linda Barnes, The Billy Collins Hour, January 2018

#LK1067, Deborah Ross, The January Brain: Resolve and Resilience in the New Year, January 2018

#LK1066, Best/Worst: An Annual Celebration of the Great, the Dismal, and the Strange, December 2017

Behind the Mic: Our last LIVE! of 2017 is one of my all-time favorite end-of-year journal rituals — the BEST and WORST lists! We’ll survey the year for the nuggets of gold and the buckets of coal. Come prepared to laugh, perhaps to cry, to be surprised, and certainly to be enriched.

#LK1065, Simplicity for the Holidays, Carolyn Koehnline, November 2017

Behind the Mic: You may long for the upcoming holiday season to be simple, but pulling that off can feel complicated. We’ll invite our journals to help us navigate the challenges of conflicting needs, desires, and schedules so we can experience them as more simple and more satisfying.

#LK1064, Writing Through Career Transitions, Leia Francisco, November 2017

Behind the Mic: You are likely to have several career transition in your life. We will talk about that transition process and how to make the most of it using writing tools. Let’s take some mystery out of career transitions and make you the agent of change.

#LK1063, Writing to Awaken, Mark Matousek, October 2017

Behind the Mic: Mark’s new book, Writing to Awaken,  is the theme of this conversation about knowing oneself deeply through the awakening of identity, owning the shadow, discovering inner gifts and moving into depth work. Mark is a relaxed and generous interviewee who brings deep respect to the process of awakening. Tags: spirituality, writing practice, personal growth.

#LK1062, Write to the Source, Iris Craver, October 2017

Behind the Mic: Nearly 30 years into her own 12-step recovery for alcoholism, Iris Craver wrote her first book for those in early-stage recovery, featuring 52 spiritual qualities, from Acceptance to Wonder, with writing prompts for each. We discuss the thrills and terrors of the first book, from concept to delivery. Warm, honest, vulnerable. Tags: writing prompts, recovery, spirituality

#LK1061, Writing & Wellness, Lynda Monk, September 2017

Behind the Mic: Canadian Lynda Monk, a psychotherapist and wellness coach, shares her signature methods for writing for health and wellness, as well as her own practices and methodologies for managing stress and overwhelm. Tags: wellness, holism, stress management

#LK1060, Decades of Journals: Shred or Save?, Beth Jacobs and Merle Saferstein, September 2017

Behind the Mic: A fascinating conversation about the age-old query: whatever shall I do with all these journals? Two life-long journal writers take opposite positions on a common theme–one shreds, one saves–and support each other in the process. Tags: writing practice, transitions, legacy

#LK1059, Intellectual Property Law for Creatives, Kathryn Goldman J.D., August 2017

Behind the Mic: An intellectual property attorney with a passion for bringing quality legal services to creatives pulls back the curtain on copyright, trademark, what needs protecting, and how to do it. Stellar information for anyone who writes or creates, which is to say, all of us. Tags: intellectual property, legal, 

#LK1058, Writing Through Grief, Uncertainty, & Change, Laura Davis, August 2017

Behind the Mic: A candid conversation about the experience of having a run-away best-seller at the age of 27 and the later work of living in balance with grief, loss, uncertainty and change in constantly shifting times. Tags: grief, transitions, pioneer

#LK1057 Apprenticed to Venus with Tristine Rainer

Behind the Mic: A stripped-down, raw conversation about the long, strange, intimate relationship between a youthful Tristine and a woman-of-the-world, the mysterious Anais Nin. A story of how secrets bond and bind us, and what we do for love. Tags: memoir, Anais Nin, pioneer, life story, author

#LK1056 Writing & Intuition with Jane Pace

Behind the Mic: With the clarity and transparency of a Colorado mountain stream, Jane Pace offers simple yet profound observations about writing and intuition: how to make the connection and how to come into writing relationship with your inner nudging. Tags: intuition, spirituality, writing practice

#LK1055 Song of the Plains with Linda Joy Myers

Behind the Mic: Another in the series of deep, complex and authentic conversations with memoirist and family therapist Linda Joy Myers. Her exquisite sense of place and time illuminate the complicated nature of intimacy. Also: Tips on ancestral research. Tags: memoir, family, research, author

#LK1054 Writing Poetry With Teens with Richard Gold

Behind the Mic: Richard Gold, one of the preeminent experts on the healing power of writing with at-risk youth, again joins us for an update on his work with adolescents in juvenile detention, in-patient psychiatric treatment, foster care and LGBTQ shelters using the Pongo Teen Writing Project method he developed nearly 20 years ago. Also: Facilitator training and expansion to adult services. Tags: at-risk youth, poetry, training, social justice

#LK1053 From Anguish to Action with Christina Baldwin

Behind the Mic: Journal pioneer and Grand Dame of the movement, Christina Baldwin brings her trademark wisdom and activism to the constant questions of our mid-2017 times: ‘What can I DO?’ and ‘How do I manage?’ I left this conversation feeling reassured and determined. Tags: activism, self-care, social justice, pioneer

#LK1052 Your Blue Moon Legacy with Tina Games

Behind the Mic: The Moonlight Muse joins us to talk about our special gifts and talents, the “once in a blue moon” aspects of ourselves that hold our own personal passions, gifts and talents–and the action we are called into when we recognize the opportunities of our personal Blue Moon.  Tags: symbol/metaphor, legacy, personal growth

#LK1051 Clear and Present Journaling with Anjana Deshpande

Behind the Mic: Trauma therapist Anjana Deshpande synthesizes the Adams Journal Ladder and the Ross theories of self-directed neuroplasticity through writing into a model that focuses on stability, safety, and self-regulation for trauma survivors. Tags: trauma, clinical, neuroplasticity, self-regulation

#LK1050 A Living, Breathing Story with Barbara Stahura

Behind the Mic: What if, instead of having a story, you are a living, breathing story? Barbara Stahura blends narrative therapy, indiginous wisdom and neuroscience in a method that invites us to re-story our own perspective on our lives. Tags: life story, neuroplasticity, personal growth, writing practice

#LK1049 Pioneer Conversations with Tristine Rainer

Behind the Mic: Stories of the days when pioneer Tristine Rainer’s first book, the iconic The New Diary was published, Rainer’s early years with famed diarist Anais Nin, and the journey from diary to writing as powerful healer. Tags: pioneer, self-care, healing

#LK1048 The Power of the Time Capsule with Jane Pace

Behind the Mic: A seasoned Journal to the Self certified instructor brings the journal technique of Time Capsule from black-and-white to full blooming color through artful questions and a creative step-by-step process. Tags: time capsule, Jane Pace, writing technique, life story

#LK1047 Songwriting For Fun, Growth, and Healing with Michael Carr

Behind the Mic: Who knew it’s possible to write a song on the phone in under an hour! This delightful conversation brought out the lyrical best in those of us who played “songwriter” with Michael Carr, a generous and gentle guide and collaborator. You’ll learn basic song-story patterns, the difference between a “hook’ and a “bridge” and so much more. Great fun! Tags: songwriting, creativity, lyrics

 #LK1046 Holy Outrage: A Catalyst for Transformation with Sibyl Dana Reynolds

Behind the Mic: Just days after the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, I sat down with my old friend Sibyl Dana Reynolds for one of the deepest, most honest and provocative conversations in Journalverse’s history. “Sibbee” is a contemporary mystic who is no stranger to holy wars; that’s a different and equally fascinating story, a piece of which she tells here. In the most embryonic days of the Trump administration we had a stripped-down conversation about spiritual activism in dark times. This hour still lives in my gut. Tags: spirituality, activism, social justice

 #LK1045 Simplicity Strategies For 2017 with Carolyn Koehnline

Behind the Mic: Our resident clutter-clearing expert, therapist Carolyn Koehnline, brings her simplicity strategies to planning the new year. A timeless classic for any early January.  Tags: simplicity, new year, clutter

 #LK1044 Year End Journal Review Guest Panel

 #LK1043 Holiday Gifts From Your Journal with Kay Adams

 #LK1042 Writing with Trees with Brian Sunset

#LK1041 The Story You Need To Tell with Sandra Marinella

#LK1040 Voiced Life with Brenda Hudson

#LK1039 The Wisdom of Hidden Transitions with Leia Francisco

#LK1038 Tell Me a Story with Hanna Merin

#LK1037 Writing SOS with Alison Johnson

#LK1036 Poetry In Facilitation with Kay Adams

#LK1034 Nonfiction Book with Nancy Evans

#LK1033 Penzu Story with Alexander Mimran

#LK1032 Reframing Your Story with Jeanne Guy

#LK1031 Ultrashort Memoir with CoCo Harris

#LK1029 Excellent Decision with Robert MacPhee

#LK1028: Your Brain on Ink: Part 2 with Deborah Ross

#LK1027: Reflections on 30 Years with Kate Thompson

#LK1026: Grateful Heart Journaling with Barbara Stahura

#LK1025 Wild Soul Stories with Mary Thompson

#LK1024 Writing the Sacred with Ray McGinnis

#LK1023: Your Brain on Ink with Deborah Ross

#LK1022: Story Therapy with Geri Chavis

#LK1021: Authentic Wildness with Judy Reeves

#LK1020: Surrounded by Madness: One Year Later with Rachel Pruchno

#LK1019: Animal Power Circle featuring Eagle with Linda Barnes

#LK1018: Writing Alone Together with Lynda Monk and Ahava Shira

#LK1017: Animal Power Circle featuring Bear with Linda Barnes

#LK1016: Diving Deep with Digital Journaling with Ruth Folit

#LK1015: Self-Dialogue in a Facebook/Blogosphere World with Christina Baldwin

#LK1014: The Secret Life of Pronouns with James W. Pennebaker

#LK1013: Let’s Talk About Transitions! with Leia Francisco, MA, CJF

#LK1012: A Life Interrupted: Living with Brain Injury with Louise Mathewson

#LK1011: Writing the Wild Landscapes of Our Souls with Mary Reynolds Thompson, CCPC, CAPF

#LK1010: Stepping Into the Light: An Introvert’s Guide to Success with Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D., MFT

#LK1009: Writing and Healing with John F. Evans, MAT, MA, Ed.D.

#LK1008: Surrounded By Madness: Writing the Difficult Family Story with Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D.

#LK1007: Discovering Your Personal Metaphors with Sherry Reiter, Ph.D.

#LK1006: Writing and Memory with Barbara Stahura, CJF

#LK1005: The Power of Questions with Carol O’Dwyer

#LK1004: Autobiography of Place: Winter Landscapes with Kate Thompson

#LK1003: Writing Quickies with Judy Reeves, the Lively Muse

#LK1002: Why Writing Heals with Dr. James W. Pennebaker

#LK1001: Wild Soul Stories with Mary Reynolds Thompson


Ask the Experts 

#AE2026 Clearing the Emotional Clutter for the Holidays with Carolyn Koehnline

#AE2025 Writing Through Stress with Nancy Scherlong

#AE2024 Digital Journaling Apps with Nathan Ohren

AE2023 Confessions of a Mercenary Scribe Heather Severson

#AE2022: Wellness Metaphors with Nancy Scherlong

#AE2021: Writing Out of the Rut with Beth Jacobs

#AE2020: Organic Marketing with Mary Reynolds Thompson

#AE2019: Moonlight Muse: Journaling through the Moon Phases with Tina Games

#AE2018: My Life as Compost: Writing the Healing Memoir with Dale Swan

#AE2017: WRITE Way to Start the New Year with Susan de Wardt

#AE2016: Let’s Talk about Dream Journals with Susan Hendricks

#AE2015: Simplifying the Holidays with Your Journal with Carolyn Koehnline

#AE2014: An Insider’s View of Publishing with Nancy Evans

#AE2013: The Books I’ve Discovered in the Pages of My Journal with Minx Boren

#AE2012: Paper or Plastic? Writing in the Digital Age with Nathan Ohren

#AE2011: The Journal in Cinema with Sarabelle Prince

#AE2010: Writing From the Senses with Lizabeth Smith, LCSW, CJT

#AE2009: Writing from the Deep Creative with Cyncie Winter

#AE2008: How to Write a Poem with Perie Longo, Ph.D., MFT, PTR.

#AE2007: Conversations with Kay with Kay Adams

 #AE2006: Let’s Talk About Poetry with Linda Barnes

#AE2005: Taming the Beast of Busyness with Darlene Goetzman

#AE2004: Managing Holiday Clutter with Writing with Carolyn Koehnline

#AE2003: Writing Through Transitions with Leia Francisco

#AE2002: Birthing a Book, with Sibyl Dana Reynolds

#AE2001: Journal Tune-Up, with Mary Reynolds Thompson


Consultation Clinic 

#CC3024 Transition Round Table with Leia Francisco

#CC3023 Writing and Oncology with Jean Rowe

#CC3022: The Making of A Brand with Tina Games

#CC3021: Early Stage Recovery with Susannah Simpson

#CC3020: Getting Unstuck with Kay Adams

#CC3019: Women and Money with Leia Francisco

#CC3018: Sweet and Sexy Social Media for Theraputic Writing Practices with Heather Severson

#CC3017: Writing in Prisons with Tobi Jacobi

#CC3016: Sustaining Journal Group Safety and Focus with Kay Adams

#CC3015: Engaging the Reluctant Writer with Linda Barnes, CAPF/CPT*, CJF, M/S-P

#CC3014: Research 101: Intro to Qualitative Research with Brenda Hudson, Ph.D.

#CC3013: Marketing Roundtable with Mary Reynolds Thompson, CCPC, CAPF, CJF

#CC3012: Journal Therapy Roundtable: Writing in Individual Sessions with Kay Adams, LPC

#CC3011: Creating a Strategic Plan for Your Therapeutic Writing Business with Leia Francisco, MA, CJF

#CC3010: Busyness or Business: Building Win-Win Strategic Alliances with Darlene Goetzman, MA

#CC3009: The Poetic Conversation with Dr. Peggy Osna Heller

#CC3008: Lasting Words: Writing at the End of Life with Claire Willis LICSW

#CC3007: Writing with At-Risk Youth with Richard Gold

#CC3006: Self Supervision in the Journal with Kate Thompson

#CC3005: Research 101: How to Begin with Dr. Rachel Pruchno

#CC3004: Your Brain on Ink: Writing and Neuropsychology with Deborah Ross, LPC

#CC3003: Writing with Long-Term/Chronic Illness with Mary Maynard, RN, BSN

#CC3002: Writing Groups & Group Process Part 2 with Kate Thompson, BACP-accredited

#CC3001: Writing Groups & Group Process Part 1 with Kate Thompson, BACP-accredited

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