Kay’s Journal: Six Snippets

Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!

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I’ve been a member of an online journal group for about 20 years. We’re about 30 strong, and we enjoy a remarkably stable digital journal environment and a resilient, high-functioning community, one in which every member regards every other member as extended family.

One of the forms that we use in our collective journey is Snippets–small succinct paragraphs about whatever is front-of-mind in an individual life. Here’s what’s going on with me, Snippets-style:

  1. Today is my first day of work in the post-Intensive era! I’ve spent four of the last seven weeks speaking at a conference or producing/facilitating a five-day intensive, and the last intensive (Your Brain on Ink) adjourned Friday at noon — which was also my birthday. We celebrated with red velvet birthday cake for breakfast!
  2. I really loved every one of those four events. Each was in its own way completely delightful and each brought its risks and challenges. I am surprised to discover that I can sustain delight and joy over an extended period (6.5 weeks) and not get emotionally exhausted. That seems like it should be obvious, but it takes a lot of psychic energy to be fully present (and also in charge) and sustain joy in the face of all the usual ups-and-downs and a few curve balls.
  3. Perfectly imperfect! My first hand-built vase.

    In pottery I am hand-building flower vases. It’s by far the most complicated project I’ve attempted so far but doggone it I love how they’re turning out! Here’s my first one, which was my own design but the glaze was recommended by an experienced potter. I love it. My second vase was modeled after a texturing style by my tablemate Judi, who is a creative fountain whose ideas I often steal (with her unfailing support and encouragement). One thing I love about pottery is the community of artistic geniuses who are very generous with their talent, skill and experience!

  4. This week I am back on FMD [Fast Metabolism Diet, Hayley Pomroy] and settling in for 28 days. Yesterday was an inauspicious start, and this morning I decided to choose to just give myself an exemption for morning coffee. Another part of me says just do it 100%, like I did three years ago, because I am still living at the positive effect of those changes. Every round brings benefits, but none as consistent and lasting as those first 28 days when I was 100% self-disciplined. I also remember how GREAT it felt to be fully in charge of my eating patterns, and the confidence and clarity I had in all sorts of areas. And the way all cravings fell away and stayed away. So there’s that.
  5. My garden is in full spring promise — there are still a few peony buds after the late snow and the columbines are in furious bloom. Whatever it is that popped up in volume after last fall’s columbine thinning is about to burst  — I’m so curious — and somewhat fearful that it is a thicket of giant weeds that has fooled me into thinking them fast-spreading wild-somethings. I moved the trellis Shari gave me to the fence between my unit and Rosie’s and planted some fast-growing ivy. My wonderful neighbor Rosie is selling her condo, and it’s my discreet boundary-setting as prospective new owners descend.
  6. My new writing critique group met last night, which means that all five of us have been critiqued. We’re adding a new member, and starting with our next meeting we’ll have three submissions/critiques each time we meet. We’ll be four women and two men–one of whom turns 90 in June and is a rollicking good storyteller, the other of whom is a first-time writer who has penned a 700+ page novel. I’m resurrecting my short story (novella?), “The Dark Man and Other Dreams” as warm-up to a ruthless overhaul of Sausalito, my novel(la?) Playing with paired or maybe tripped novellas.


That’s it for me! Your turn! Write a Snippet about what you’re doing and post it in the Comments.


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5 Responses to Kay’s Journal: Six Snippets

  1. Katherine Cox Stevenson May 17, 2017 at 10:50 am #

    Loved all your snippets Kay! It sounds like you have a fabulous life. For me, I had my very first oil painting show, along with 3 other classmates, last Saturday. At the start of our 12 week course, the instructor said, “How about a show at the end?” We were horrified as we are all new to oil painting. She gently and confidently kept nudging us to go outside our comfort zones. Doing that show was SO outside all our comfort zones and I am still pumped. Was one of the best things I have ever done. Makes me realize I need to take more risks to live more fully. 🙂

    • Kay Adams May 25, 2017 at 12:54 pm #

      Oh Katherine, how wonderful that you had your first oil painting show! I’m so glad you’re pumped and ready to lean into your own creative process and the risks and rewards that come from the stretch zone! (It lives in between the comfort zone and the chaos zone. It’s a pretty fun place to hang out!)

  2. Carol Roberts May 18, 2017 at 10:31 am #

    Among other books, YOUR BRAIN ON INK was waiting for me when I got to my new home in California. The thing is, my “home” is with three other adults all in their 50’s–I being almost 75–and I am loving it. We’re all here for money reasons, of course (this being California), but the surprise is, I’m loving it. My two male house mates are gentlemen and one is bilingual and has offered to help me speak Spanish. I had given up trying because I didn’t have anyone to talk with frequently. Now I do. The childcare begins next week (the reason for my being here being baby Eli who lives in Morro Bay). Did you hear that? Morro Bay? Seaside? Fantastic scenery? Small town? Oh, my. It’s going to be hard to claim that I’ve made any sacrifice to come here. Next I’m looking for a writing group, a poetry class, a buddy to go walking with (one being the homeowner who is delightful), and I’m staying open to visiting a Benedictine monastery nearby. Anyone know anybody in the San Luis Obispo area?

  3. Karen Newcomb May 23, 2017 at 9:50 pm #

    Kay, your energy amazes me! Although it sounds like your choices feed you: )
    I am about to open my office in San Rafael, California (right next door to Sausalito!). I am absolutely elated and terrified. Both are good! The best part is, I wil have a Group Room that I share with no one…unless I want to..for the first time in my professional life! I’ve been Listing like crazy for quick down andf dirty ideas as well as more in-depth curriculum. I plan an open house in the Fall.

    • Kay Adams May 24, 2017 at 11:47 am #

      Congrats, Karen! Your own group room will be heavenly for you. Much success!

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