Kay’s Journal: Shadows and Light

Here’s what I’m writing about in my journal this week!

JV icon K JournalI spent Thursday thru Sunday at the Healing Beyond Borders conference for Healing Touch practitioners, students and instructors. I’m a FOHT (Friend of Healing Touch) although I’ve never trained or practiced it myself. But as a kindred Lightworker at this time in history, It’s typical for me to do something — a workshop, a keynote, an opening or closing — at the Denver-area conferences.

I opened on Thursday night with a keynote that I hoped would be inspirational and, despite the usual fumbles and bumbles that happen with PowerPoint, it was well-received (and quoted!) I closed on Sunday noon with a group poem process that always works, even though my heart is always in my throat that this will be the one time it won’t work.  But–thank heavens–it worked!

In between I did a new half-day workshop on the psychological Shadow and how it informs Light. It was a wow experience for me–a signal that there is likely more to do with this, but as a stand-alone experience it still has me thinking deeply.

Healing Touch is all about bringing healing light to individual and collective bodies all over the planet. So they’re both familiar and comfortable with light, and they know how to use it for healing. This group is now also developing an awareness about how the unacknowledged, repressed, fearful, undisclosed parts of ourselves, “too, bloom and sing/ and are traveled by dark feet and dark wings” (Wendell Berry, “To Know the Dark”).

We talked quite a bit about secrets and it left me thinking a lot about my own secrets, if they serve me, what my intention is in holding silence, how much energy is represented there, what I might do with that energy if I were to bring it forward–because once acknowledged and integrated, our Shadow (that which is denied, rejected, suppressed, ignored, unknown within us; that which the light of consciousness has not touched) often transforms into a tremendous resource and ally.

This all happened against the backdrop of the gorgeous metaphor of the eclipse, for which I was personally unprepared because I’d been obsessing all week over my keynote and workshop.

I came home Sunday afternoon and encountered a guy in the  Home Depot parking lot  selling eclipse glasses for $20. Score! The office was closed for Eclipse Day so my certified glasses and I went to my BFFs Marta & Don’s house–we’ve known each other’s secrets since college–and watched the eclipse with a tall glass of iced peach tea.

I return from Eclipse Weekend  changed and curious, grateful for opportunities to teach in old and new ways, grateful to “reach out/ keep reaching out, keep reaching in” (Marge Piercy, “The Seven of Pentacles”) and forever grateful for having been given wonderful work to do and wonderful people to do it with. Thanks for being part of this community.

Citizens of the World and Sky, Marta and Don


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4 Responses to Kay’s Journal: Shadows and Light

  1. irit freiman August 22, 2017 at 8:12 am #

    you got me so curious and inspired. love to hear more

    • Kay Adams August 23, 2017 at 10:00 am #

      Irit, I’ve already been asked to write an article for their magazine, so I’ll be sure to post a finished draft for Journalverse members when it’s ready! (Won’t be for a while–it’s at the end of the writing queue.)

  2. Katherine Cox Stevenson August 22, 2017 at 3:47 pm #

    Me too Irit. Can’t wait to see what all this will blossom into Kay. Sounds like such a fabulous conference and time!

    • Kay Adams August 23, 2017 at 10:03 am #

      Thanks, Katherine–it was a powerful experience and the perfect transition from summer to fall. Now I’m fired up and in back-to-school/back-to-work mindset.

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