About Journalverse

Journalverse_iconhires(1)Be part of the circle. Be part of the story. Be part of the Journalverse, a one-stop portal for the global therapeutic writing community!

The Journalverse is a learning community for journal writers and facilitators worldwide. For one low fee of $19/month (even less for 6-month subscriptions), you’ll get full access to two state-of-the-art, visionary conversations each month. LIVE! with Kay is an interview with speakers who are leading authors and thinkers, innovative experts and up-and-coming practitioners in the field of journal therapy and therapeutic writing.

We’ve also got regular features such as the Prompt Jar–a writing prompt for every day of every year, grouped into week-long themes, and monthly features such as the Poem of the Month (with prompts), updates on news and happenings in the therapeutic writing world, Kay’s personal blog, lively community, and much more!

All are welcome! The only requirement is that you enjoy learning about all the ways writing can help us heal ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and our world. If you use expressive writing in your work as a therapist, coach, facilitator, educator, spiritual director or other helping professional, so much the better. Our programming often focuses on material particularly useful for helping professionals.

If you are not yet a member, please click here and join us. Enter the coupon code HALFOFF and you’ll receive 50% off your first month! Your membership will continue with convenient automatic rebilling until you cancel.

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